increase price in russia

could you increase price for this game in russia? i’ve heard its only 7$, which makes them buy this game with hacks nonstop

Hacker buys the game. Hacker gets banned. Hacker buys the game again. Facepunch gets money. Development has more money. Cheat detection becomes better. More hackers get banned. Facepunch gets even more money. Repeat until hackers are out of money. Profit.

P.S: Sick of hackers? Don’t play on official servers. Been playing “new” Rust for six months after a year-long break, and I’ve seen 3 hackers so far.

Dude I use 2 play with a good Russian and that’s the exact same thing he told me. It makes no sense.

It’d be nice to play the game relatively hack free sometime before the year 2200 AD.

You want a game that is 100% hack-free? Play single player.
EVERY SINGLE multiplayer game that I’ve played had hackers. Especially early access ones. Because… You know… They are not finished? Like Rust?

Rust would make the perfect console game imo, that would get rid of the hacker problem.

And the authors of the cheats from the US

people will never stop supplying if there’s big enough demand
you can’t ban someone that doesn’t play your game