Increase under water breathing time

Every time you go under water you start drowning after about 2 secs, I really thing people should be able to stay under water longer. It’s helpful when trying to sneak around islands or get care packages that land in the water, they just sink to the bottom and you can’t get to them without loseing a massive amount of health.
That and I think this would give much more room to add new things such as
Sea life, water temperatures, underwater caves, ect.
Basically a whole underwater world for rust. New stuff like Spear fishing, boats, floating houses, scuba gear. But it’s just a thought to adding more under water time.

This has always puzzled me as well. With the amount of running we do in this game, our characters should have ungodly lung capacity. The fact we start drowning in a couple of seconds baffles me.

Drowning after 2 sec. are u sure ???
you only lost force ( same in real) you drowning only after 1-2 min… same too real life :slight_smile:

Its perfect the sistem now !!
always only my stupid opinion :slight_smile:

Yeah, it starts after only a few seconds and you lose health rapidly. Even just pushing out drowning damage to about 30 secs would be enough. I’d like to see water temperatures rise a bit too, snow biomes are probably fine, but desert areas should be a bit more balanced.

I’ve been meaning to suggest this for a while as well. The average person can hold their breath for at least 45 seconds to a minute, even if they are a heavy smoker.

EDIT: Whoops, had wrong thread open. Don’t mind me.

yeah I did find this redic when it got changed to so low that you would start drowning almost immediatly. should /at the very least/ be 10 seconds

I actually expect desert water to also be cold (at least certain times of the day since the desert can go below freezing at night)

I think tropical areas (green) should be swim able without getting cold day or night.

Yeah, that too. I don’t mind the freezing desert, that’s normal enough, but water holds heat better than land. It just seems a bit odd to me that they went for some realism with night temperatures on land, but not for the water.

I’m not ready for underwater environments yet, I can’t breath rapid enough while swimming not to die.

Also, why drowning for a minute equals something like a bullet in your chest? You also should be able to gain back atleast 3/4 of your health. What about saving a drowned man after he drowned?

speaking of underwater breathing…

  • yes we need a holding breath bar, then drowning should start (cold could reduce this)

I was thinking 30 seconds. Anyone can hold their breath for 30 seconds…

30 seconds seems fair … and in my opinion, if you lost health while drowning, but didn’t die and reached land in time you should gain back some or all of the lost life… because people that got saved from drowning don’t just stay “injured” they recover pretty quick…

i’d have it a seperate breath meter that pops up when you go under water.

jeah as soon as you dive, a bar shows up, after it went down to “0”, your health starts droping.
But if you get back to save grounds before you die, it will regenerate 75% of the lost health.