Increase upload speed when people download files directly from my computer?

I dont understand when… i have an upload speed of 2mb/s and my other computer has a download speed of 3mb/s it takes 20 minutes for a 20mb map.

I host the majority of my files with steam workshop but is there a way to increase speeds when people download directly from my own server?

Hopefully i am asking this correctly.

If the server is not set up to use HTTP downloads for clients, it will fall back to the old trickle download system with a maximum transfer rate of 8 kb/s.

If you want to set up a fast download for your server, I recommend you not put it on your home connection. You don’t have enough upload bandwidth and any time someone uses the fast download server, all clients on the server will lag to hell from the fast download sucking up all of the bandwidth.

Hmmm… interesting, allright thanks.