Increase vote limit

Now that the forums are seeing more activity, I am unable to vote for nice or useful suggestion because I have reached the limit. (?)
I thought they would regenerate but after months I still don’t have any more votes to give out, I find it odd how they are limited in the first place.

wait there is only a certain ammount of vote you can give?

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Something like 3


i have like 8 in total, but i think regs get them increased a tiny bit, unless everyone has 8

maybe if its possible you get like 4 or 5 votes a week, so at the end of the week it resets your remaining back up again, that way people cant spam vote everything, they vote for whats worth it

I agree, after s&box started getting monthly updates many people like me came to this forum for the first time so adjustments should be made not to inconvenience the regulars.

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I remember I already used up all of my votes and for the longest time I couldn’t vote anymore, now that I am regular I noticed that I could, so I voted this thread, 1 vote left…


As another regular(100 days to date) I feel like I hardly vote on things and yet I am also totally out of votes.

May have had like 1 or 2 votes regenerated overall. Or maybe they were simply added by ranking up. If I regained even one vote per week I may not feel this way.

i really want to bump this just to say i think this is gonna be needed more once people start getting keys,
that way all the shit people will be suggesting to be added once they have access can be filtered to see what people actual vote for and agree with,
being locked at 6? for members and 8 for regs is an issue if there would be more suggestions being made,
and going off comments could take more time having to read through to see if people agree since a awful and good suggestion could have a million comments disagreeing, agreeing or just out right arguing,
but some good suggestion could have not many comments since its just a good idea overall but not everyone could vote to agree so it looks like a worse suggestion when its actually good.

Worse of all you can’t undo votes so you there’s no way of “recycling” them.
I’ve been demoted to Member on this forum but it seems like all of my 8 votes are still up, this is how you cheat the system B-)

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