Increasing 128 prop search limit?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if there’s any way to increase the limit of the prop search results.
Currently it’s capped to 128 props.

I tried looking for myself and eventually found a file called “SearchGuts.lua”, and in it, this:

function ModelSearch( SearchString, iLimit )

   *iLimit = iLimit or 128*

    SearchString = SQLStr( SearchString, true )
    local result = sql.Query( "SELECT modelname FROM searchcache WHERE modelname LIKE '%"..SearchString.."%' LIMIT "..iLimit )
    if (!result) then return {} end
    local ret = {}
    for k, v in pairs( result ) do
        table.insert( ret, v.modelname )
    table.sort( ret )
    return ret

Tried changing the 128 to 256 and 512, but no luck, ideas?
Help is much appreciated.

Does anyone have any clue? I don’t particularly like bumping threads.

Find where iLimit is defined, or change iLimit = 256/etc

Apparently Garry changed some coding in recent updates and the SearchGuts.lua isn’t anywhere to be found anymore, instead there’s a cl_search_models.lua which has this:

-- Model Search
search.AddProvider( function( str )

    if ( model_list == nil ) then

        model_list = {}
        GetAllFiles( model_list, "models/", ".mdl", "GAME" )
        timer.Simple( 1, function() hook.Run( "SearchUpdate" ) end )


    local list = {}

    for k, v in pairs( model_list ) do

        if ( v:find( str ) ) then

            if ( UTIL_IsUselessModel( v ) ) then continue end

            local entry = 
                text = v:GetFileFromFilename(),
                func = function() RunConsoleCommand( "gm_spawn", v ) end,
                icon = spawnmenu.CreateContentIcon( "model", nil, { model = v } ),
                words = { v }
            table.insert( list, entry )            


        if ( #list >= 128 ) then break end


    return list

end );

But again changing the value in if ( #list >= 128 ) then break end to higher or lower doesn’t affect it at all.

In addition, the file (cl_search_models.lua) appears to be in gray font in the GCF.

EDIT: Seems that grayed files are encrypted, can anything be done about that? or does that just mean there’s no way of changing the limit?