Increasing Edict Limit?

Sorry for not posting this in the general help thread, but I think this could be something up for a lot of debate, and I feel it would get ignored in the Question Megathread. Anyways, I’m working on a map, one of which that involves many entities. I got into this thinking it’d be great and all because there’s no limit to entdata, what I didn’t know was there’s a limit to edict limit. If you don’t know what edicts are, they are basically each individual entity. Apparently fiddling with edict_t or CBaseEdict causes issues and won’t work. This is frustrating, and I would appreciate any help. Thanks! :smile:

It would appear the actual limit is hard-coded into the engine.

Manager entity? How would I go about doing that?

Simply, it would be an entity containing and controlling a list of like entities.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand too well.

Take a particle system for example. Although the system may control thousands of sprites, a single entity contains them all.

Is there a default one in Hammer, or do I have to go about making my own?

The latter.

I’m kind of a noob, so could you assist me?

Couldn’t you use a point_template or something?

Don’t non prop entities still exist even when they haven’t yet been spawned…?

That would make an infinite number if that was the case. Just change the location of where thy spawn and it’s all good.


Sorry I meant an env_entity_maker

A manager entity would be like the Director in L4D. The entire zombie horde is considered one entity.

So I’d have to code it in myself?


Well, I was hoping my map could be compatible with Garry’s Mod.

As long as you don’t use any entity functions that aren’t present in HL2, you’re fine. I have edited my .fgd with the “func_train” brush entity and it’s never broken anyone’s GMOD.

That’s not coding in a new entity, it’s adding a pre-existing entity to Hammer’s database.