Increasing Gamma

Are there any plans to put in some sort of mitigation against people being able to up the gamma at night?

It’s not hacking, its not cheating, but it does take away some of the fun as night time is no longer a factor in the game.

It’s been discussed a few times but I don’t think there are any solid plans yet.

I hope they do add some thing night time is great the fire and torches give it a great feel, but its all pointless when you got these cheats running around.

I recently played ArmA3 and noticed that they had implemented some way to mitigate it. You could simply not change the gamma when being connected to the server; aka being in-game. You could still change it in the main menu.
Also brightness was still available in-game but that doesn’t really make a difference…

Just remembered you change the gamma for Rust through your graphic card settings… the option isn’t even available from inside Rust…^^

All they need to do to combat gamma “hacking” is stop players and other objects being rendered a certain distance away from the player and/or a light source. Basically if an object shouldn’t be see-able (far away from the player and no near by light sources), it wouldn’t be see-able, high gamma or not.

You can change it on the monitor even.

Another idea that’s been mentioned has been to implement some sort of particle effect at night-time. Either way, it’s going to be hard to come up with a solution that also keeps the functionality of flashlight mods and laser sights.