Increasing Gmod FPS with commands

Hmm, so. Do you have any idea, how i could increase FPS in Gmod 10. I have 20-70 fps usually, but i heard that some config thing increased fps to 100. Yeah i have tried heapsize-command and it increased FPS little.
I use GameBooster too and i overclocked my CPU, and i don’t have any background processes.
Nvidia GeForce 8600GS
3 gigs of RAM
AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.60GHz

GameBooster? Isn’t that the weird-ass thing that slows your pc down alot?

Try putting your settings lower, or turn off AA (it’s completely un-necessary because it doesn’t make a difference on high resolutions, which you can easily pull off).

Srsly. Why the fuck would u need 100 fps. 25 is just enough.

No i won’t but my settings lower. :smiley: And Gamebooster is good program. I can play Left 4 Dead max settings 50 fps, so i can play Garrys mod too. But i must find out that command.

If u can play UT3 at 1337 fps doesn’t mean u can play Crysis at 1337 too. U got 50 fps, good for u. I only fuckin have 20 and don’t blame.

Cool, I can play it at 200 maxed out all with 1600/1200, 8x aa :slight_smile:

Same with GTA4 but without AA ( no aa in gta4 D: )
Seriously, turn down your settings or live with lag.


(User was banned for this post ("Flaming," - PacificV2))

Yeah! I increased FPS some weird way. :slight_smile: 60 fps full settings. Now its okay.


My big brother computer can play Gta 4 maxed out settings too without lag. :wink:
BB:s specs:
Quad-Core processor (i forgot it)
Nvidia 8800GT SLI x2 (four graphics cards, wow!)
8 gigabytes of RAM
MUHAHAHA :slight_smile: