Increasing punch meter in TTT

Hello guys im looking to increase the punch meter in my TTT server as i think its a little slow at building up

Does anyone know what file i have to edit and if possible what line :slight_smile:

orangebox/gamemodes/terrortown/gamemode/PROPSPEC.lua << look in here.

local propspec_force = CreateConVar(“ttt_spec_prop_force”, “110”) << that will change how hard it pushes,

local propspec_toggle = CreateConVar(“ttt_spec_prop_control”, "1) << changes how long it takes to refill a punch (don’t go below .5ish, it gets abused ALOT)

How would i increase it for certain ranks ?

I dont mean so i can get people to give me money i mean for our regular rank and trusted rank :slight_smile:


if ply:IsUserGroup(“vip”) or ply:IsAdmin() or ply:IsSuperAdmin() then
pr.punches = math.min(pr.punches + 2, pr.max)
pr.punches = math.min(pr.punches + 1, pr.max)
Put that where “pr.punches = math.min(pr.punches + 1, pr.max)” is.
This is for ULX, it might be different if you use a different admin mod.

Also, this isn’t exactly difficult. If you cannot figure out something like this then you should be learning via tutorials first.

P.s. That adds 2 to the punch o meter instead of 1

Is there a way to increase the push force? If yes, then how?

Seriously, it’s right there.

Might want to check the usernames.