Increasing render distance of CalcView?

Is there any way to increase the render distance of CalcView, or manually set it. Other than TP’ing the player close to the CalcViews location?

This would be really interesting, I have the same problem. I tried to add the position to the player’s PVS, but it still was not rendering, without teleporting the player to the location.


Which value do I need to set?

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The distance of the player towards the position that he is viewing?

math.huge :v:

Just kidding, can you be more specific about what you need to accomplish? The default FarZ value is normally big enough for everything, so it’s possible that something else is posing the problem. Screenshots or a video would be really helpful.

If a player is across the map and something is blocking the view of an object you want them to see you’ll need to add the position of that item to the clients PVS, see

AddOriginToPVS and


I’m manipulating the CalcView hook for a system to show some parts of the map in specific situations.

When the player is in spectator mode everything works fine.

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hook.Add("SetupPlayerVisibility", "AddIntroPosToPVS", function(ply)
	if ply.IntroPlaying then
		local data = introData[ply.CurrentStage]

The AddOriginToPVS is called correctly, but doesn’t work all the time, only sometimes.