Increasing The 25KB/s Download Rate

I am wondering if there is a way to increase this? I know there probably is. I want to set it as high as possible. Thanks.

Sorry, you can’t increase the default download rate. The best solution if you want a server to download files faster is a FastDL website or whatever (it comes with most gameservers)

Yes, I know about FastDL, And already use it. But I need to take the load of my webserver, I am running 4 webservers on a load balancer and the load is way to high. I need to transfer the load to the game servers.

Well if you’re getting reeeeally high stress on dedicated web servers, the game server itself probably won’t do much better.

But I believe if you either leave the downloadurl blank/put the IP for the server as the url, it MIGHT WORK.

Of course I’m likely wrong.

You can’t, but you could try using dropbox as a FastDL server
It worked really well before I got my own webserver

dropbox will actually suspend your public links if they use too much bandwidth now, fyi

it’s always been like this, they’ve always had a 10GB/day (or week?) limit

I believe it’s 25GB/day for people who pay for any kind of subscription though

Since the server doesn’t act as a web server… I won’t work like that. Thanks for trying

This is not correct.

Set sv_minrate and sv_maxrate to 100000 in the server.cfg then restart the server and it will download at 100KB/s. If you don’t set the sv_minrate, this will not work.

if u just need a other fastdl server cant u mabe use something like 000webhost ? i havent used in forever its free and it will take a big load off your webserver
again i havent used 000webhost in like forever worth a shot :smiley: