Increasing the damage of NPC_grenade_frag

I need to increase the damage of a default entity (NPC_grenade_frag). How would I do that?
I didn’t find anything useful in ent:GetTable()

EntityTakeDamage hook is what you are probably looking for, in there, multiply the damage taken if damage soruce was the grenade

I would like to avoid the use of hooks. Is there any way to do it without them?

Why are you trying to avoid hooks? Is there any particular reason expect “I just want so”?

Check sk_* convars for grenades

sk_plr_dmg_frag I believe

Because every single time someone receives damage, we need to check if the damage was inflicted by a grenade or not. It is an unnecessary condition that will be checked very often.

UPD. sk_fraggrenade_radius works fine but not sk_plr_dmg_fraggrenade
UPD2. The solution: sk_npc_dmg_fraggrenade 228