Increasing the round time limit in Prop Hunt?

Hi all, I’m sure this question has been asked tonnnsssss of times, but I can’t find an answer from just a simple google search, so what better place to ask than here!

I don’t own or host any kind of server on Gmod, I simply download the maps of my liking and and host private games of Prop Hunt with my friends from time to time via Tunngle. I downloaded the PropHunt (Hide’n’Seek) - Original(exact wording of the title in the steam workshop) gamemode, and it works great in a privately hosted game, but of course the round time limit is just under 4 minutes, and for some of the bigger maps I’d like to have a bit more time.

Sooooo, is there any way at all for me to somehow add a few more minutes to the gamemode? I don’t know much about scripting or coding or whatever you want to call it, but I’m good at following directions if that counts for anything (;

Thanks in advance for any help!

How about this?

Code Line 73 :wink:

This definitely looks like what I need to edit, however the only thing related to Prop Hunt in my Garry’s Mod installation folder is a single file called “prophunt_(hidenseek)_-_original_135509255.gma”, that’s it. Just one single file located in my addons folder. I have no idea where to find the actual folder for Prophunt, or if there even is one in my case.

EDIT: Oh wait, I’m dumb. I’m able to download the entire gamemode which includes the config.lua from the page you linked. But what am I even supposed to do with it once I’ve downloaded it? I have a feeling I’ll need to actually own a server to make use of it.

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AHAH! IT WORKS! Dunno why I’m so happy about this but the gamemode I downloaded that contains the config.lua works great! I was able to edit the time limit to my liking and all is well. Thank you for the help Jack!