Increasing vert port limt 200k to 500k or higher complier?

Every time I port a model, I always have to lower it under 200k verts. Yes, these are high vert models but is there a way to increase that limit?
Im asking because some models on the sfm workshop are over 600k verts
the highest vert model that I saw in sfm was at 725k verts
each smd was around 21k verts, and they were spitting up in the compile he/she used to do to them being the usual clamped
So is there a way to edit a limit to port higher poly models or is it something else to edit?
Or compiler?

Split your model into multiple SMD.

I did that but still doesn’t port.
i have went up to 200+ smds before and it still does it.

Use the SFM compiler or Cra0kalo’s.

I already used both; they didn’t work

I had this problem with the Yamato. If even the strongest compilers cannot tackle it, your only hope is to separate the model into two.

is there anymore compilers out there?


Of course, it’d help if we knew what sort of model you were trying to get compiling…

a robot character that’s over 500k verts. do you want me to show you?