incredible strange engine errors

ok heres my problem im in gmod on a map that sorta lags a bit but not a lot and i go into one of the parts of the map and my gmod goes crazy and shuts down and a engine error window comes up and it says and i qouet “ED_alloc: no free eddits” and i hav no idea what this means can u guys help me out plz i love the map that this happens on and i want to know how to stop it from happening so guys plz help me out here.

PC Specs. Specifically ram.

For the love of Christ, punctuations please.

sry idk the specs i know not at all helpfull but i think its alot sence its from HP and its a brand new model.

start menu,run results

Can you give us the model number then? We need to know how much RAM you have.

How will the model number determine ram :downs:

If it was made pre-assembled you can go to HP’s website and look up the model number, and it will give you the specs, price, etc. :downs:

No free edicts. Too many entities for Source to process (max is 4096) on your screen. Can either be related to storage, or lack thereof, or just a poor graphics processor.

What if he upgraded? :downs:

Then he’d know what he upgraded to. :downs:

What if someone else upgraded it and he bought it without checking the specs? :downs:

Stop being difficult.

Im going to have to say its a ram issue.

YOU NEED MORE[img_thumb][/img_thumb]

I know the name of it though its a HP Pavilion Slimline s3620f PC hope that helps and its got a intel Pentium Dual-Core Desktop Processor E5200 and 500GB total spare memory on the hard drive and a NVIDIA GeForce 7100 Graphics or atleast thats what it says on the pc itself