Incy Wincy Spitter[/t]



oh nice, you used my title

pretty damn awesome looking

why didn’t you wait the super DOF to finish the processing and then take the screenshot?

are you blind lol

also that spitter model is looking good in source nub

90.6% at bottom right

and I’m the blind one

It crashed the game before it finished rendering, so I took what I could get
i suppose i could’ve edited it away, but I’m too shit at editing

I see

gmod 13 still quite fucked up

Well it still looks pretty awesome to me even if the render didn’t finish fully.

the bloom is overkill

I never said it looked bad because it didn’t finish rendering, I was referring to the percentage at the bottom right showing

I came here expecting “spider” not “spitter”. Those defiantly were not spiders XD. Good work none the less.

Looks Great