Independence Day Resurgence: Battle Heroes Aircraft Extraction

I’m looking to get some of the ESD and Alien aircraft out of this Zen Studios game and I’m not sure where I should be starting. Any suggestions?

Here’s some screens of the aircraft that flash by at the end:

zensoft has their own prepritary format. if you change the app “apk” or “ios” file type to “rar” you can extract the files to the their basic directories and you should find the largest file for this app is in .PXP format which is the one Zensoft is known for. I believe there is a quick BMS script for the pxp format but it doesn’t extract it to a basic format like say .OBJ but I think the format it extract to has a 3d max script to get it the rest of the way into a modeling program. sorry I don’t have links. I am sure more knowledgable persons on the form can fill in the cracks. but that should be what to look for through google. good luck.

Found a .pxp extractor, might work, but this was made in 2013. The format might’ve changed since then.

Sorry to resererect an old thread, but I would be very interested if anyone had any success in extracting any models from this game? Has anyone had any success with any other of zen studios games too?