Indepth crafting

Hey guys, my first ever thread on the Facepunch forums. Alright, I don’t own Rust but I have seen many videos about it. The crafting system for guns is really basic, weapons and attachments should be harder to get. Weapons should be crafted with different finished pieces. For example, the M4 would need:

-Stock (used with metal fragments and screws [can be made with some metal fragments]),
-Body (springs[could be created by combining 2 pieces of metal fragments] along with a lot of metal fragments and other pieces)
-Barrel (made with metal fragments, could be upgraded with rifling to upgrade accuracy using a special tool)
-Tactical Rails (more metal fragments)

This would make an M4 harder to achieve and add a sense of accomplishment. If you guys have any other suggestions, just throw down some comments, would love to hear what you guys say.

I like this idea,people would start to respect guns. Also making food more damn important ( im getting boner when i see my 60 granola bars and 120 tuna cans and 30 chocolate in a box,but then i realize they are almost useless damnnnnnn :confused: )


I agree, to balance this out I’ve said there should also be bows and arrows.
to be able to make a gun with your bare hands and a campfire
and to be able to mine metal ore from random boulders with a hatchet
seems like placeholder kinda stuff to me…idk