Indestructable walls/doors/foundations - RUST

Hello fellow rust players.
I’ve just started playing rust again yesterday, and I really enjoy the new update.
However I have found one problem and it annoys me, A LOT…
Some buildings (walls, doors, foundations etc.) I cannot by the life of me, destroy…
I sat for 1 hr straight clicking on a metal wall and it didn’t degrade, I knew it didn’t lose health because
it didn’t give me a single metal fragment from bashing on it. If someone knows more about this
then please tell me wether it’s a glitch I myself can fix or if it is a hack or something like that.
It pisses me off since I yesterday got raided and every wall, door, ceiling and foundation was intact, and
I suspect that he used noclip… Thank you for reading and if you know anything about this and/or
have had the same problem please reply