Indestructible ToolCupboard idea


I’ve been playing Rust for more then 5K Hours (from when it was legacy).
I’m not a Pro PVP’er like you see in the video’s (I wish) :sweat_smile:

For me the most frustrating thing in rust is, when you put time and effort of making a decent base setting up water and electricity… then after 4 days, a clan comes by and (offline) raid you. Next day, your base is gone! This happens to me over and over again. I don’t complain but I have a idea.

Would it be possible to make the TC indestructible, so it can hold your upkeep items! And after the raid you can keep your Base.

This would mean that Sulfer and Gunpowder can’t be stored anymore in the TC.


This is the S&box forum, buddy.

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That sounds great! We should just get rid of big clans honestly, they ruin the game for everyone.

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You should consider joining a moderated server with rules that punish offline raiding. There are servers where some parts of the map are non-PvP for you to base in also. Seems like that would solve the root of the issue for you without any base game changes being made for everyone.

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I don’t mind being raided, what I do mind is that all the effort of playing is lost. Most of the time, what is the first thing you do if your base is lost… you change to another server what just has been wiped.
I’ve seen good servers die out just because of people ruling the server…
I think when players can keep the structure of their base with all the electricity and water supplies, they would start over instead of changing server.

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This statement contradicts itself.

Yep, that’s Rust when left unchecked, no-life nerds will always come on top against people playing for fun.

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Maybe in your opinion… I did it myself on mega loot servers… in the end only 2 or 3 clans remain… while all new players on a server don’t stand a chance…

I think the balance between raiding bases and building one is to high… or maybe I have playing the game wrong all the time😂

In times of the legacy rust this seemed different I think. I think then it was allot harder to craft raiding materials and maybe easier to setup base idk.
Allot of my legacy friends share the same opinion, “yea man legacy was epic” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Don’t get me wrong I still love the game, it’s just frustrating to always start all over again, when you see your base is gone.

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Would it not be great, to see which path the raiders took, to raid You the next day you come online? That way you can learn from your mistakes.

The cup board is a great tool so servers won’t en up with lots of abandoned bases. (Like in the old days😂)

But if it’s not destroyed and upkeep can do it’s job, you can repair the damaged parts and keep playing on the same server.

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Making resources harder to obtain, tools harder to craft, walls harder to break etc…
All of this will just make the people at the top even harder to topple down.
The strategy has always been and always will be to get your loot behind as many walls as you can.
There are servers against AFK raiding that allow only solo players, you can try those or maybe even RP.

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Thats why the idea was: make the TC unraideble so the base could still maintain in his raided state when you join back and not all was lost.

Sulfur and GP can’t be stored in a TC so raiders can profit from their raid. Also no place for ore in TC, only upkeep items.

And if you want: you can add a raid timer on tc, when raiders find your tc they can, idk, push a button on the tool cupboard, so they can put doors down while they raid… temporarily

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