Indiana Boom and and the hunt for all personal skins

I’m sorry that I wrote and. two twice,

yes this is a series I’m working on.
if you want your skin in this series, write your personal skin name

Well… see you guys.

my personal skins name is bodenlan.
if it says something about it.

k I have you not in the game I think. link?

a i find you. k iam going to see what i can do with your personal skin

My personal skin’s name is Moonsorrow too… Add me if you want. I wonder how it will come out.

Names Reno, here I am

sounds interesting, here is my skin


What the heck, here’s mine.

My skin is called Omolong. Find in the the megathread.

Ah, I had one a while ago, don’t think the link is still up.

It’s just Raptros’ personal skin


Aww yeah Indiana Boom

That’s a shit sweet name :smiley:

I might join in. My friend made the skin for me and i will ask him. I will edit this later after i can talk to him.

yeah… i hope the comic be good i will do my fuc¤#ng best!

Yeah he said yes. This is the skin. Yep i forgot to add the link. Here it is anyway.

I’m in.

You’ll also need this.

And you better not make me tardy.