indiana jones

these 3 skins

ripped from indiana jones and the emporers tomb

and no saying “these aare low poly so its really bad” because i play older games for fun and dont care about quality

Yeah, but then someone who actually ports stuff would need to buy it first, which is something I don’t think most “porters” do.

To bad the Staff of Kings isn’t for the pc. But yeah, Indy for Gmod would be cool.

they could google indiana jones and the emporers tomb directplay torrent. and im not encouraging internet pirating

Looks to me like you are.

well i do it all the time and might get arrested some time soon but oh well i just want to stick it to the man

Warez talk is against forum rules.

I don’t care about you personal life but warez talk will get you banned.

oh well

I tried ripping from that game. I thought it worked, but I noticed the textures didn’t work. The UV maps were broken, which basically told the model how the texture fits over the mesh. They’re impossible to recreate, so if you wanted an Indiana Jones model you’d have to make it from scratch or hack a bunch of models together to get someone who looks like him.

And an irrelevent suggestion for you is to stop being demanding and acting like a poop and you won’t get banned as much. Follow the rules, wherever they are. They used to be at the top of the forums somewhere.

I’m just going to laugh at him when he goes over the limit of downloading his torrents and gets arrested. And also may I ask why would you say oh well about getting arrested? Lmfao seems like you don’t care about your parents because I’m sure they’ll be pretty damn pissed at you for having to pay for what you’ve done :stuck_out_tongue: Allthough he is like 1 of 650 to have a chance of being caught.

emperor’s tomb or staff of kings?

Limit of download?

Staff of Kings isn’t even on PC. Not really an option. Console porting’s fairly difficulty and not really reliable.

what can i say?

didn’t they manage to port brawl models?

Too much of a hassle to rip/port from consoles, believe me.

ive had this game years and im on the only person in the world i think who trys to mod, how did you open the model? thx

I didn’t. I ripped it using 3D Ripper DX, which basically takes a 3D screenshot of the game. It doesn’t actually get the model from the files of the game. That takes way too much fucking work.

Yes, by running it in an emulator. There is a playable Wii emulator; there is NOT a playable 360 or PS3 emulator. The few ports from 360 games were, I believe, done by reverse-engineering the file formats, something INCREDIBLY difficult to do. As in, even I would not attempt to do it.