Indication of Carried Items, Clothes Wearing Delay

I have heard people complain many times on the server about people killing ‘fresh spawns’ and then folks saying ‘you can’t tell a fresh spawn from adam.’

How about some kind of visual indication of someone packing? If you are carrying an M4, people should be able to see it. If you are carrying nothing but a rock, you might be more likely to be left alone. Perhaps other indications of how much people are carrying, like a backpack that grows the more you have on you?

Also, putting on clothes should take a longer. Folks might reconsider running around ‘naked’ carrying an M4 and full Kevlar if they can’t equip it all fairly quickly.

I can kind of agree with carrying weapons and whatnot, if it’s on the toolbar. But the rest, I think takes away from the experience. I dig that any random naked fool running around can potentially be a threat. It makes you play the game more carefully. Tacking on artificial indicators is a move I’d expect from the rest of the hand holding gaming world.

I would say that running around naked with a rock in your hand while you are secretly carrying around an invisible M4, full Kevlar, half a stack of wood, and stacks of bullets is more ‘artificial’ than some kind of visual indicator that you are doing all those things.

The naked guys running around can still be a threat. I’ve gotten owned by many folks more competent with a rock or stone hatchet than I, but the size of the threat should at least be somewhat visible IMO.