Indie Game Modeler needed


We have just started our first steps to creating a indie game. We in need of someone who can scale down and model a city for us. I know it is a big job for a modeler but it will be rewarding, i promise. We need a model of London, some of the main landmarks(Big Ben and London Eye Ect…) and some of the houses surrounding the area. However, we are aiming for a early 20th century look to the area.

If you have any intentions of assisting us on this project

Email me :
Skype me : jordanlee833
Tweet me(Meh) : @jordanlee833

Jordan and Team

Do you have a site or portfolio? Anything to point to the fact that this is a tenable project? Any more information on what the project is or the intended artstyle or point of reference for asset quality? I mean saying you want to hire one person to model an entire city is a little unrealistic, short of saying that the buildings are going to be simple primitives. Speaking of hiring, is this even a paid gig?

Please, provide more information.