Individual timer.Create identifier with the player's Nickname

is it possible to make a timer.Create using the player’s name as identifier so every player has his own timer?

as example

timer.Create("-playername-", 0, 0, function() end)

--and for more individuality
timer.Create("X-playername-P", 0, 0, function() end)

[sp]I want to use it like this because i can remove the timer anytime, it overwrites itself when created again and it can repeat itself.[/sp]


something like
[LUA]timer.Create( “timer_for_” … ply:Nick(), 1, 0, function() end )
– although you should use something other than the players nick, as they can change their nickname
timer.Create( “timer_for_” … ply:EntIndex(), 1, 0, function() end )

Use steamid instead