indoor lighting adivice

what setting should I use for indoor light that fills up the whole room with out having a large amount of brightness concentrated in area. Because All of my lighting is good, but the contrast from over brightness to under is a in large amount.

if anyone has a link or any tips to help, it would be a big deal for me.


prop_static light model
dim light to illuminate the are around said static model
light_spot for the main light
env_sprite for a little glowey effect

Change quadratic to 0 and linear to 1.


[ul]Prop_static model for the light source.[/ul]
[ul]Light_spot, use a quite large fading angle, small bright angle[/ul]
[ul]Env_sprite, and make sure you compile with HDR. It’ll look way better.[/ul]
[ul]Perhaps a point_spotlight, depends on the kind of light.[/ul]
[ul]A light with a very low brightness, to light up the ceiling a bit. Put it about 32 units under the prop_static.[/ul]

a single light_spot can light up the room and the ceiling realistically because the light bounces itself. Shouldn’t need another.

Larry_G’s way of doing it will create a nicer, more realistic lighting situation.

thanks guys, but what settings for light_spot should I use for the best lighting without it being over powering but still light up the room?

I know I should test it my self, I am, I just want to know the optimal settings.

Depends on the size of a room, I generally use a light entity with brightness of about 20-30 near the prop, and the light_spot with a brightness of about 100-150 for a generic room…


It all depends, and the best way to find out and get a feel for it is trial and error.

thanks pally

150 is really weak for a light_spot…considering a normal light is 500, I usually have the light_spot set to that, and it looks okay.

bloody hell, you must some seriously bright maps!

…as I said, there is no set brightness, its very dependant on the situation and surrounding area.

You’d be surprised how bright I like my maps, I’m not a fan of making dark dingy maps, I prefer to make warmer, more friendly ones.

yeah, thats the type Im going for. My map is an old factory turned modern architecture type of movie studio. So for the most part, Im gona do that, but for the basement I will have the lights set to 150

Im testing it right now

What’s already been said here is good enough, but are you also asking about rooms that have windows? I like to have my light_spots (for warmer moods) set between 250 and 350 brightness, with an orange-yellow colour.