Industrial World




some hardcore brewing here

100% endorsement until I die.

I do have one question, though. Where’d you get the scaffolding/buildings in the background from?

I used some spaceships from Resistance 2 and Devinity 2 content.

i like how theyre loading a crate of guinness

space guinness - never goes flat and always icy cold in the frigid void of space

im still trying to find out how people get these rad as fuck flamethrower-esque spews of fire like in this picture behind the large ship

find a good pic of a flame, make sure the flame’s background is pitch black - RGB 0 0 0 - and set the effect layer’s mode to Screen

i guess the only problem will be trying to find a good source pic

Excellent work!

I shed tears over the epicness of this. Magnificent work Cpt.

I find this to be a good reason I prefer stock photos over gmod/sfm particles.

At first i was like oh thats a really impressive photoshop in the background

Then i saw the pure scenebuild pic and simply went’’ fuck off man XD’’

But no in all seriousness very impressive work man

I like the original by itself. I think the yellow’s too strongish in the edited version.

The Off-world colony, Blade Runner vibe.