My last one :

Original & prop-less :


Really good prop positioning.

Nice job. Some editing would really make this picture stand out.

Awesome scenebuilding as usual.

Now this would look awesome as an actual map :slight_smile:

ho this great!

Really impressive, nice one.

Excellent job with the props. I love that building placement in the backround.

Looks great man. Bravo.

I like it! Artistic for you.

Good work. Been telling my self to try out some scene build, but always get distracted with some props or rag.

Wow- this is actually brilliant! I’m setting it to my desktop background.

I’m not joking, i think i’m gunna go on garrys mod now and try some scenebuilding myself!

NICE scenebuild! do you have a savegame or something?

Very nice. Usually people don’t use props to their advantage in pictures.

Sweet work. You’re good at this.

Everything makes sense and is well located. The camera angle isn’t great though.