Industry attack

a day in the black clouds

Thats actually pretty cool.
Have an artistic

No finger posing?

that’s because the skin have a tittle bug on the hands, if i put it it will like “deformed” on the last finger
so i decide do not use the fingers :frowning:

I don’t see why the hell you gave the soldier a SHOTGUN WITH A SILENCER, It’s not necessary and it’s just plain stupid. Everything else appears to me as JUST passing mediocre. I like your editing but not your sense on reality. 3/5

You want a history?
its a atack, if you want to call attention use the shotgun without the silencer, also when call atention everyone knows were are you, its can be unfective in damage but don’t call much attention than the imaginated.
an atack thats need to be like in silence…

I don’t understand what you just said.

all i understood was use the shotgun without the silencer

that’t the point O_o
with the silencer don’t make much sound
(i guess)
its like a atack in silence (call no attention)

The word you are looking for is stealth attack.

To bad about the finger pose. Pic still cool though.

its because of a bug on fingers, i like to use them, i use when possible, and the bug its a little anoying ¬¬
and bad english is terrible to find something to say .-.