Inertia tool[/T]

Download: Dropbox
Info: Garry’s Mod Wiki

What is inertia?
Wikipedia will help you to answer that.

Is there any reason to change the inertia?
Yes. By changing the inertia you will change, depending on the values, the entity’s behavior in times of stress.


Inertia lock: Inertia won’t be affected when physical object mass gets changed.

Found any bug?
Let me know here or by Steam.

[190116_1722] • Initial release.
[190116_2051] • Added support to PhysicsInitSphere.

Please, do NOT upload this addon to anywhere else. Thank you.

hmmm,can you add this in workshop to show for everyone?
because is alot of tools hidden for people who do not attend facepunch

Im sure “Please, do NOT upload this addon to anywhere else. Thank you.” implies they don’t want it anywhere else.

That implies to others. From the post it sounds like he would like the author to put it on the workshop

I just use e2’s propInertia function

It not being on the workshop makes this pretty unknown and not very useful if the settings don’t stay on servers without the tool.