|| [UK] Rust PvP

Hello there!

I’m a member of In Exile Gaming Group [IEGG]. Our small gaming community have just launched our first Rust server, located in the UK. We’re currency a 50 slot server (2 reserved slots), however we will be expanding if we reach capacity regularly.

We are currently running the following mods:

  • Zones
  • Location (/location)
  • Remover Tool (/remove)
  • Kits (/kit)
  • Multiple Homes (/sethome and /home - Maximum of 5 homes)

We have a safe town (called Hangarville) near the Hangar, that is approximately 11,000m2 - there is an enforced no-PvP in this area. Everyone will spawn here by default upon connection, or if you die without a set spawn zone (bed or sleeping bag).

To join us, look for “ || [UK] Rust PvP” under the Modded tap, or press F1, and type “net.connect” (without quotes). We also have a website @ - check it out for updates, etc!

We look forward to seeing you in-game!