[Inexp.] Man Flees From Explosion.


I tried. This is one of my first poses… did it on freespace06_night and tried using some additional in-game lighting to make it look like it’s emanating from the explosion.

Don’t be too harsh please…

Well the posing is nice, and you made a scene build! congratulations :slight_smile:
Also the editing is not that bad, the main problem is the fact that the explosion looks superimposed and it doesn’t blend well with the environment.

EDIT: Dont use that many blur please… It looks really bad when its used exaggeratedly.

Well, first of all, dont use that much blur, its hard to see trough. Secondly, get rid of the edges around the explosion. Its an ok scenebuild for a first one.

Thanks, i was unsure of the blur but i think i was a little self conscious of the shots quality and i used i to cover up.

Yeah the blur is the weakest link, I like the lighting and the explosion effect but the excessive (and circular) blur kinda makes it hard to rest your eye on anything particular.