Infamous 2 models?

After getting a PS3 this Christmas, I’ve fallen in love with the Infamous series. The characters are really loveable, and I’ve grown attached to Cole MacGrath and Zeke Dunbar especially.

I hear it’s pretty hard to rip PS3 models, so no pressure if no one wants to. I just figured maybe some folks here on Facepunch were interested as much as I was with having these two in Garry’s mod.

Another thread has been made about this,
Yet, I dont care, I support.


It’s preety difficult to port from ps3 it’s almost impossible soo nobody is going to port from infamous because that.

I support its a shame that the PS3 is nearly impossible to port from

Even skins would do. Skin Generic Bald Guy number 15 for all I care.

porting for ps3 from street fighter x tekken is very simple hard to do with before the realease few weeks