Infamous Models?

I’m curious, were models/ragdolls from the PS3 game Infamous ever made/released?

Could someone point me in the direction of these models if they exist? Of course, if there never have been any Infamous models, I’ll be sure to post various pictures, and we’ll see if someone would like to make them. :v:

Can’t port from PS3 games, yo. No hacks to look like them were made.

Also *post reference pictures

 no matter what


Thanks, I shall get to collecting pictures right away.


There we go, OP now has reference pictures :yoshi:

The thing is the way people port models usually is they get the game, go into its folder, find the files for what theyre looking for and then do something else.

If we were to get a model from an Xbox or ps3 exclusive you would need one hell of a good modeller to do it from scratch.

I am bumping this in the hopes that someone might be interested. This shall be my one and only bump. If anyone else wants to try bumping this thread after me, be my guest.