Infamous Money Printer

I’ve come bearing gifts! As being a part of the Garry’s Mod community for 5 years+. I wanted to give back to the community once again. This model is a custom model free for anyone to use!!!

S&Model Money Printer Front:
I wanted to keep it simple as the original DarkRP money printer but with more modern spin to it.

S&Model Money Printer Back:
I wanted devs to have a large space for UI.

About the Model:

  • All Maps Included (Diffuse, Rough, AO, & Normal Map)
  • Low Poly Model (Verts 457, Tris 910) under 1k
  • UV Mapping uses 512x1024
  • Front & Back UI Space
  • Collision Model

Future Additions:

  • Adding RGB Lights
  • USB Upgradable Bodygroup
  • Power Supply Bodygroup
  • Make the Model Colorable


Where Can I download this?

Is this the Final Design for the Model?
For now yes. I was planning on adding different types of models but still not 100% sure.

Have More Questions?
If you have anymore questions or you just want to talk to me, you can add me on discord.
Discord Tag: sterling#5965


Good stuff!


It’s a very well done model, can we see images of the high poly? (I’m using these to further my knowledge about normal mapping). Although I think it may not fit the desired function, as it looks like a serially produced device, and illicit money printers would almost certainly be of a homebrew variation. A very good model none the less.

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