'Infantry Regular' A WW2 comic



Edit by: The_Laughing_God
Speech bubbles done by: CrzyMLC
Part 1 coming soon

why are they so dirty
did their sarge abuse them

[editline]lol joe[/editline]
It’s like they’ve already been in the pacific, or something

Pvt. Frot

he must have been made fun of a lot in high-school

Why is a Marine drill sergeant wearing a Navy Officers cap?

Because I’m not perfect

This could actually turn out to be pretty good.

Backgrounds do need some work, though. As is they’re kinda lacking.

Thank you, and it will come in time

Use some better maps, use less photoshop filtering, and write more before making a comic. And for god’s sake, tell whoever is doing your editing for you (YOU should be doing this) to stop sharpening the page after the speech bubbles are added, or to learn how layers work.

Is that supposed to be a punch line? Is this comic supposed to be funny? Is this supposed to be serious? Currently it is neither. It feels very thrown together and lacking in planning, if such can be said about a single five panel page.

This is all very negative, but somebody has to say it or else nobody will learn. I’d recommend getting more than just five pictures together before you label it a comic, and at least one or two episodes before you consider posting it for consumption. That way you’ve got some practice in, should hopefully have a discernible story for us to follow, and can demonstrate that you stuck with it enough to make more than one episode. All of these things should be considered before you go into this.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, I would do the editing myself, except it would look like shit, I can’t find any training maps, other than that one, I didn’t really think that last panel out, but, thanks for the feedback.

You need to learn how to do it. Learn by practice. With the amount of resources available these days there is almost no excuse for not having at least a basic understanding of editing. You’ll be much better off for it if you start now and work your way through it as opposed to relying on sub-par efforts of other people.