Infantry squad pinned down by German Armor.

Bright as hell, the snow is :argh:.

Feel free to edit.


6 hours later and 60 views and not one post.

Lazy people :0!



I like it, it looks pretty good, but get some new skins for the soldiers, the default ones are so bland :\

The snow killz it but other wise nice

Default skins lessen the awesomeness, but otherwise, good.

I liked the background details, but all the soldiers look like the same person. Nice editing though!
Have an artistic.

He DOES have a bazooka

I do like how it looks, though there is a Forgotten Hope vehicle pack out there with many realistic World War 2 vehicles. If there was a panther there, then I would be running (not just standing there looking into space).

Haha, yeah, I did think they look like a bunch of babbling helpless chickens. It would help to be able to face pose them. :argh:

It’s my first edit, I swear.

Nice, you acknowledge the snow so il skip over that, maybe space out the soldiers a bit more?

I dont know

But i like it!


Super DoF! It’s a friend of yours!