Infected Bears and Wolves are gone?


After removing the zombies, this area used to be a lot of infected bears and wolves and now where they are???

Server admins can fix that issue. The server I play on had it fixed from day 1

Ton of them still on my server.

thats north / next valley right? if so there shouldnt be any red bears or wolfs there at all.

Its near the Everust…
And i’m the server admin, but i don’t know how to put them back…i already restarted the server, steam update and i got nothing…

I am trying to understand where this is… it almost looks like “Resource Valley” to me. Which did have a few zombies but I always remembered them being on the other side of the road

ahh I see where this is.

At that place there are no red bears or red wolves.

He is in Next valley next to the road going to the mountains. I’ve been around there alot and I instantly recognize this.

That’s next valley. There aren’t any red animals, there. Just a ton of regular wolves and bears.

Road seems like it curves a little too much to be Next Valley/North Valley road… thats what I had thought too.

If this is Next Valley then yes… no zombies ever spawned there

its here:

DUDE…that’s Next Valey. No red shit there. Only regular shit.

But there used to be mutants there on last patch. They were eventually replaced by regular animals, a day after the patch actually.

thing is the red animals used to spawn in next valley

Guys, i’ve killed a lot of red animals there…and looking to others servers i saw are a lot of mutants there…

they were there for a short time until a patch. there is still an abnormal amount of wolves and bears there compared to a week ago but no more mutants.