Infected ragdoll help

Some poses I’ve seen in the screenshots section show common infected without limbs. How do I do this? ent_fire !picker skin does not work and I cannot find separate models for them. Any solutions?


No replies?

31 views and no replies? :kratos:

Its a bodygroup type thing, If not, well I cant tell you much.

I remember seeing a tool which lets you change the bodygroup

(Bodygroups are like… this: You have a model that has a gasmask, but it has two bodygroups, Bodygroup 1 has a black gasmask and Bodygroup 2 has half a gasmask.) I cant explain it better htan that.

Thanks a lot, that worked :h: :h: :h:

gahh it does not work after all :bang::bang::bang::bang

Just use the models and use the Dismemberment Mod (((Once installed may not be unistalled.))

have you tried just using the inflater, deflater tools?

Yes you can, If you throw it in an “other” addons folder, or just copy it into something else, like derma.