Infected run to there deaths in a kinda forest like place


Decided to re do a pic

Damn thats a nice picture.
Maybe you could have done it in night?
But its still awesome!

Higher res! I want this as a desktop.

nice to see you removed your name :mmmsmug:

I thought this might deserve a mark





Dont put them anymore since retarded people while one post bash it and call me retard for it

Huh, it’s a good pic but I tink the infected run too normally (and some infected have the same position)

All were indiv. posed, also, “too normally”?

The guy in the suit looks like he is scratching his chin.

Gj mate!

‘Their’, not ‘there!’ :argh:

On another note, nice edit.

The all have the same pose…

None were duped

rated you

I can see that, but they’re still very much alike. It kinda spoils it for me.

By “too normally” I meant that they run like non-infected people, in l4d infected run differently (sorry but because of my crappy english I can’t tell exactly what I meant)

So crammed with models it’s on the brink of looking like a minge pose (rule of thumb: there should be something well visible from behind all the ragdolls). That said, it’s pretty good otherwise.

The aforementioned crampedness makes it hard to see the posing of some. I’ll have to second z0nked though, the run looks way too agile for something half dead.

Mostly a very nice picture though.

Green sweater zombie is dancing :dance:
Otherwise it’s pretty good

Presenting: Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

all zombies are same pose?