Infected stand around in a ruined street

I have no idea why the hell i destaurated it

Needs moar color.
Also there’s a little too much debris.

Did you enter that into Vmans comp yeah? Pretty sure i saw it in the thread. Tis nice mate, Dont like the B&W though.

Good job!

desaturation looks like shit
overall picture is boring

Lol, More trolling…

Not you again

Dont feed the trolls… They bite…

It’s okay. There’s a complete lack of lighting other than shadows made in-game (which shouldn’t always be trusted) and the road could use a retexture seeing as how it’s one solid colour. And yeah, there’s too much debris ie: the huge slabs of concrete resting ontop of the car which just looks unnatural.

as i look at this screenshot, i wonder why you chose to desaturate it. to me, it isn’t as great of a choice as editing it in some other way but i am interested in your opinion in the matter.

There wasnt many things to do with the screen really, I could had done stuff like rain, snow whatever, I cant edit those, so I just desaturated really…

It’s kinda boring, but great scenebuild.

Boring. nothing special.