Infected Trailer

It is finally here the Infected trailer. Me and my group will make a series. But i made this trailer myself. enjoy

Massive Codes Productions gives you:
Infected Trailer

Hoped you liked it please rate and tell me what you think

We will try our best to finish the episodes.

10 years ago a group of scientists and builders started a experiment to open a portal for quicker travelling. 2 years ago the experiment was taken over by a man named Jason and his army of combines. The experiment was to make travelling quicker but not its going to be used for opening a portal somewhere far far away. Now the survivors of the attack of the combines are going to go in and take the storage device used to make portals.

Storage Device: a bottle with data and energy to create portals

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Looks kinda boring, just lots of NPC fights with a unorignal plot.
Sorry but im not looking foward to this.

sorry bout ure disappointent. read the description

I have seen that a lot of people doesn’t like this trailer so i am going to make a 2# one that will make you understand the story more