"Infected" Two US Marines take on the horde

skip ahead a to about 1:25. And continue listening


Was kind of inspired by Mr and Mrs smith and MGS4

My entry to the contest

Your shading style is very ugly, the muzzle flash could use some work, but I like the concept and idea. Smoke is pretty good too.

Good camera angle.

I like.

Why is it ugly?
I just do what RMS13’s thread told me to do.
Yeah the flash sucks.

Well, for starters you’re not doing it in nearly as much detail or spending nearly as much time on it.

Secondly, I really wouldn’t bother with that shading method at all - it takes far longer than is necessary to achieve similar, equal or even better results.

Oh okay back to D&B tool :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome pick, ooohh! those skins looks awesome!! can i have a link?

Try to actually put in the light and shadows manually. Soft brush on soft light
The result tends to be better and you can do highlights with it as well.

thanks for poo pooing my hardwork with your unproven opinion

But it’s true, man. I tried your thing and I was bored half-way through since it was taking so long, so I just went back to regular shading and it works just as good.

i like how you know how it turns out yet you arent even capable of finishing

It’s totally proven. Just look at my Thane picture.

The shadows in that picture, although not as detailed, look far more striking than the shading using your method and yet took me less than an hour to do.

There’s really no point spending 6 hours on a shading method that no one is going to notice anyway. The method leaves you with a very dull looking picture regardless. Realistic… but dull. Art is all about making a hyper-reality - something that people immediately recognise as realistic, but it also has to be striking to the eye.

that pic is a horrible example of shading seeing as it is neither striking nor consistent and honestly it is very obvious it only took less than an hour. what is striking about that pic is the highlights and light rays which conversely are quite well done. its not proof either since there is no comparison or effort to compare.

also, a pic of a dude sitting in the desert is dull, but not because of shading. to say that pic is dull because of the shading is like saying the sun is bright because plants point themselves towards it. as in you have it backwards


this can be applied to 100% of the content in this forum so basically this holds no water also.


oh, 6 hours? :laugh:
after the first pic or 2 this becomes so easy its second nature. though no one will know since everyone seems to have the mindset that if it they cant get it perfect the first time with no effort then i somehow failed as a tutorial writer which is bullshit.

oh who gives a shit really.

i’ve taken to using rms’ method because it’s actually a lot faster for me and looks much better so whatever.

either way, your lighting has no detail at all backslash

Gonna re edit it then.


Also ITT faggots crying about how some methods take forever honestly I did not try to do folds and shit so it took me an hour.

This reminds me of Black Hawk Down when he’s firing over the other guy and it makes him go deff.

Oh now i understand the pose, the lady’s leaning the shotty on him, that’s actually a really great posing idea but the darkness and blur of that smoke on the bending soldier kind of lessens the prettyness of it