Infected Wars Reloaded

Infected Wars Reloaded:

Version: 1.4R2

I have picked up the development for Infected Wars and will continue applying updates and new content. If official development starts again I will cease the updates to my versions and remove it from my server. Expect daily hot fixes.

The Proof:

Link to last official release:


Changelog (1.3-1.4R2):

-added XP/Level System
-added weapon iw_engt1
-added weapon iw_ak47
-added weapon iw_fa9m
-fixed grenades
-added scope to iw_ebl
-added scope to iw_und_wraithbow
-added weapon iw_galil
-added ent barricade
-more editing for iw_base
-fixed ironsights on iw_spas

-More to Come

To Do List:

-add/change load outs



  • Carnifex New Developer
  • ClavusElite / Joerdgs (about everything that’s not named below.)
  • Tetabonita (xray vision, realistic swep base code, and helping out a lot on the forum)
  • croxmeister (radial menu)
  • Sechs / Rambo_6 (tripmine code and other stuff)
  • jaanus (some materials)
  • L337N008 (swep model hexing)
  • Garry (egon swep code, and gmdm gibbing)
  • Dark Moule (egon swep fixing and custom materials)
  • Sgt. Kanonenfutter (for a few killicons and for being a great admin)
  • All the modellers that made the custom models

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Hosting provided by Concrete Carnage


Bug Reports:

Please post all bugs and non-centered ironsights in this thread.


The weapon “iw_fap228” just made me laugh x]

We must have a party to celebrate.

Would have been nice if you asked before using my tripmine code/other stuff but since it’s probably really old code i don’t care much anyhow. Congrats on the release.

Could you get a few bigger screenshots up? Or perhaps a video?

thank you. Sorry about the tripmine and stuff it was with the 1.2 public release. I am going to finish a video when I fix some issues.

Good to see that someone picked up on this again.

Yeah, better be good :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, I jordan the leader of the community Concrete Carnage, here is the thread for our server. We will be the sponsor for Carnifex’s gamemode edit.