Infected Wars: Reloaded

1.5 Preview

Shows in order: Supplies warlord(m4 Carbine) Agent Master(Tactical Knife (fa9m nerfed after video)) Zombie Warlord(Blood Hunter) Bones Warlord(Cannibal) Range Finder.

Current Version: 1.5

Next Version: 1.5R1
(* means complete / means cancelled ^ delayed)

Public pre testing is offline.

Clavus: original gamemode.
Carnifex: new developer.

ZIP Version 1.5

SVN Version 1.5

so. how does this work?


Do you plan on making a working AI? I thought that would have been kind of cool, seeing the bots standing around, when they could be attacking.

Ya, I was eventually going to rewrite infected wars to support AI’s and instead of different classes you choose primary/secondary weapons etc. But the class determines your “special weapons” like supports heal gun.

Oh, I’m not concerned about the classes, although I would like to see the AI system, that sounds cool.