ok this is probably some of my favorite work from you so far

That is goddamn fantastic

Thank you guys. I wanted to make another classic nature scenebuild but then I saw that arachnid eggs and this came to my mind.

whoa, i love the atmosphere on this one, great job

I really like this one. Great work.


the second version is better tbh you should put it up as the main picture

Woah dude, superb! I would add some bloom to it though kind of like the youtube exoplanet video. Would require some editing though. Is that all in-game?

Wish this could be a 3d gif XD

Everything is in-game (only the first one is a bit edited - bloom and lighting)
You and your 3d gifs. xD If you will tell me the secret of 3d gif, I will try it.

I made a tutorial in the “too lazy to post a thread” thread. It has to do with a wheel attaching to a camera right on top of the pose. I swear, if you saved your pic above, a totally cool 3d gif could come out of it. Check out the tut.

Well, the only problem is I don’t save my works. :v:

Saw the title and was reminded of Pyren’s old comic. Beautiful work man!

I have to hand it to you. You are really good at this. I love it. I think the mask would give this a thumbs up. He got some really cool gmod scene builds to. Check out his stuff on Deviantart.

I know TheMask. Thanks. :downs:

Welp, I just got a new wallpaper.