| Flood 2

Flood 2


**IP Address:**

[ul]Team System with invites, so minges can’t randomly join your team without a invite[/ul]
[ul]Over 30 weapons to buy.[/ul]
[ul]Engines so you can now drive your boat.
[ul]Boat clamps, so you can now shoot while sitting on your boat.

Here is the team invite system.

Here is the create a team, or join a public team tab.

Here are all the weapons. Under the weapon buy menu, is a load out menu where you can select the weapons you want to use.

Here is the enitity menu, here you can buy engines, ladders, clamps and C4.

Game Monitor:(This server has a terrible rank because it was used as a test server for months.)


Seems fairly interesting, i’ll check it out in a minute.

Yea, we just finished a new custom map, it may have some bugs. If you find any just report them here.

Why the random bump?

I found everything alright except the darn engine controller wouldn’t connect to the engine.

Yea, the engine toggler doesn’t work for some reason. But, all you need to connect is the engine controller.

The engine toggler worked. I guess there’s only one spot.

Oh, I will take out the engine toggler because it’s not needed.