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Serious Novus Two Roleplay

Website: - News and updates about the server can be found here. We also have a forum which has a lot of active members.

IP Address:

Content Pack: Download Here!
Don’t want to wait a long time downloading the content from the server? Well just drop this in your addons, all you will have to download form the server is a couple of lua files!

We are currently running the gamemode, Novus Two on the map, gm_atomic, which is based on a series of apocalyptic events, if you want to read the storyline, it is right below. Basically you are a survivor, with basic surviving skills to live by yourself.

Story Line(No, I did not write this.)

  1. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has suffered a massive blow after the Russian Federation’s attack on the Georgian capital, T’bilisi. N.A.T.O. forces were deployed to battle and fight off the invaders in Georgia, and failed miserably in all attempts to retake its capital. The Russian Federation grows by another 69,700 square kilometers. After retreating, N.A.T.O. was left in pieces. N.A.T.O. loses the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway over the conflict.

    The middle east’s 20 year ‘war on terror’ campaign has left most of the U.S.'s military forces weakened and small, lacking recruits. After much hassle and attempts to do so, the U.S. passes a conscription act, forcing all individuals- 1 week after their 18th birthday- to pack up join the U.S. National Guard. This, however, causes mass riots, outrage, and hysteria to break out amongst the people. None of them are prepared to join the National Guard, and barely any want to. A new war breaks out within the U.S., pitting the National Guard and U.S. civilian rebels against each other. For the first time in almost 164 years, the U.S. is at civil war.

    The world’s population is growing, fast. Less and less area is becoming inhabitable for human life, and the U.N. begins a massive project to fix this problem. After collecting tons of funding from donators and countries in the U.N., they begin to construct massive apartment blocks throughout the vast New Mexico deserts. Over 11,000 are hastily built, leaving almost all of them not fully constructed. Without any more funds, they are left alone, a failed project costing over 25.8 billion dollars.

    What survived of al-Qaeda has made a comeback in Afganistan. Their leader- Osama bin Laden orders a massive bio-terrorism attack on the U.S. and the U.K. during their time of weakness and conflict. Within days, a group of 3 smallpox-infected al-Qaeda loyalist men are sent into the U.S… One is sent to Brooklyn, New York. Another is sent to Indianapolis, Indiana. And the third one is sent to San Diego, California. Within 2 weeks almost 3 quarters of the U.S.'s population is infected, wiping out over 210,000,000 people. The world is in panic- smallpox vaccinations are hastily made and spread out amongst central Europe and Asia. Riots and chaos break out at the distribution centers as they struggle to evenly spread them out. The second troop of infected
    al-Qaedamen are sent to London, where they infect and kill over 48 million people in a matter of weeks.

With the massive success of the two attacks, the world is left in fear as the virus continues to spread to other countries by those infected/not infected who were carrying the disease to other countries. Quarantines are issued in all of eastern Europe and western Asian nations. Powerful government officials - including the president - had become infected and killed within the chaos. The men fighting in the U.S. Civil War of 2029 have been issued SOME vaccinations. They continue to fight, but are rarely seen fighting as much as before the outbreak. Survivors struggle to piece back together what was once their government, while groups of powerful U.S. military and governmental figures and their families group of about 40 thousand or so in a large, well hidden area within (Rumored, but not confirmed to the people of the wasteland.) the Appalachian
mountains, separated from the chaotic world outside.

National Guardsmen receive orders from the Appalachian forts to be vaccinated and head for the Appalachian bases as soon as possible. Groups of rogue soldiers abandon their orders, and make a living scavenging and salvaging what they can of what’s left of the U.S. and their survivors. Currently they are at an alliance against the U.S. Civilian Insurgent Militia Force who have, since the first six months of fighting against the National Guard, become a much more organized and powerful force. The population of the U.S. now dwindles at a mere 5,000,000 or so, which is, nearly, one sixth of California’s once 30 million population. Most of the survivors have joined the U.S. Insurgent Militia, while the rest fend for themselves in small groups or factions. Survivors are spread throughout the U.S., the largest concentration being plotted in New Mexico, the last operational vaccination site in the North America region.

Two years have passed since the National Guard have been given their orders. Not much has changed. Less patrol the populated areas of the wastes, while the rest live peacefully in the Appalachians. Bandits, raiders, groups of militiamen, National Guard, and lone survivors dot 2 areas: New Mexico, and West Virginia. The effects of global warming, after much years of buildup, ware and destroy most of the buildings and remnants of civilization without anybody to repair or sustain them. Massive climate changes come into effect throughout North America and South America. Torrential rain, snow, and solar wind/dust storms sweep across northern America. Conditions are tough and unrelenting. Freezing nights and scorching hot days in New Mexico, cold, hard conditions in and around West Virginia.

The year is now 2032. Present day. You are in the inner parts of New Mexico, struggling to survive and not get raided or mugged every day. You are a survivor- that means you’re completely immune to smallpox and have the survival skills necessary to have lived without civilization for over 3 years. You and your fellow survivors are what’s left of humanity. May your death be quick and painless.

Game Monitor:

Steam Community Group:

Civil Insurgency Tacoma. It holds 8 people, four in the front and four in the trunk.

Here is the National Guard Tacoma, it holds 8 people, just like the one above.

Cool, you seem better than the last guy that wrote this.

Thanks, and I don’t flame people for criticism, like Kohaine did. I am going to make a advertisement for our Flood 2 server soon, that’s probaly why no one is on the Novus Two server at the moment. :biggrin:

Also, you should add more screens, you can check out my Parasite 3 advert some pics.

They most appealing pictures will have groups of people in them, it has gotten lots of people to join

Alright man, I’ll go check it out.


Right now would be the best time to join, 16 people online and there is a zombie attack at the moment.

You and Kohaine are most likely the same person, hence the random bump made by Kohain, either that or are working together.

We are definitely not the same person. Kohaine is a admin on my community. Also, please try to be positive, I looked at all your posts and they all seem to be negative…

Sure he is, so you randomly viewed all my posts? Or you’ve seen them before on your other account. If you really are a different person, I still think it’s a bad community because the owner is calling out his admins.

Jesus, at least try the server or at least look at the site. You barely gave us a chance before you started hating on it. If you want to test out the server, join now, we have about 26 people online.

Yes, I did, to see if you were being an asshole to the rest of Facepunch.

Kohaine and I are really good friends, we joke like that all the time. Again give us a chance and please stop being an ass.

Christ you’re an asshat

this looks really cool

So, it’s post-apoc RP.
What kind of factions are there?

National Guard and Civilian Insurgency.

Yea, I know, hes annoying. Let’s just ignore him.

The server is empty at the moment because it’s like 6 A.M. Alot of people will be on later.

Is it possible to join any factions IC?

Is there anything that makes this server different than other NovusTwo servers?

There are random zombies spawns usually at night time and there is much less killing in our server.

Yes, contact a high rank. I don;'t think the NG is accepting anymore people, but the CI is.

Alright, I’m going to check this server out.

If I were you, I would wait a little bit. We get a lot of players at around 12:00 PM.