Infestation : Blast Fungus

Okay, clean slate.

This post was so full of crap :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the new version boys and girls. Now in 3.2 flavor.

So what’s all this about then?

It’s about blastfungus, most of you should know what these are by now. A small squeaky little fungus that grows across levels and tends to explode on contact with…just about anything.

So what have we got here? First some picture fun.
Color fungus reborn.
Fun with concussion.
Here be fishy fungus.

What’s innit :


The grand daddy. Step on it and it goes boom. It’s still got the same ‘hopping’ spawn pattern of the beta, along with some serious refinements. For example, it won’t grow underwater now, none of them will. It will also attach itself to objects it comes into contact with in it’s early lifecycle.

Color Fungus
Similar to the blastfungus, but it passes a mutated color along to it’s spores.

Rolly Fungus
Holyshit, this one moves! Credits to someone on the forum (I will find out who you are when I am less tired) Rolls around along the floor, beware!

Aqua Fungus
Unlike all other types this one survives in water, infact it can’t live without it. Previous strains sat on the bottom, but this one floats and proves a hazard to passing ships.

Poison Fungus
No bang, but a faceful of toxic gas that does slow damage over time. Inhaling more gas does more damage.

Zombie Fungus
This is nasty, keep your suit charged or coming into contact with one turns you into a zombie. Nobody else will thank you either, the zombie is immensely strong.

Concussion Fungus
These don’t hurt as much as other varieties, but they do tend to send anything nearby into orbit.

Incendiary Fungus
Fried mushrooms anyone?

Radiation Fungus
You don’t even have to pop these to take damage, just being near them is enough. One is a joke, a whole patch of them isn’t.

Eating Fungus
This sod corrodes inanimate objects when it explodes. In functional terms, it annihilates any props too close to the explosion, and anyone in range has whatever gun they had in their hands turn to useless slag.

That’s the rogues gallery, so what in the bloody hell am I giving you to even the odds?

The Tool

Left click spawns fungus if you’re an admin. The color of the fungus you spawn is now player selectable, including camoflage alpha levels. In addition, they are not placed like they were before, but fly out of the gun instead. Try shooting some zombies with them :stuck_out_tongue:

Right click spawns a warhead, you can only have one at a time. I’ll explain this more in it’s own section.

The Detector

Primary fire sends a beam which highlights nearby fungus.

Secondary fire either harvests a fungus, or injects a fungus already harvested into a warhead. The gun can only hold one fungus at a time.

The Deadzone
The deadzone sterilises fungi that come within range, keeping an area free of them. It does however take damage, and can be destroyed by unwitting idiots.

The Warhead

There are tool options for the delay before ignition and a special message for your gibbering, frothing, slovenly victims. It comes with no fungus, you have to equip the detector and harvest some yourself. Whatever types go in, come out again. You put two blastfungus and a poison, that’s what comes out the other end.

Using the warhead starts the countdown, and once you start it, there’s no stopping it. You’ll be glad to know, only the creator of the warhead can set off the timer, but they can also be damaged by weapons fire.

Known bugs :

Spores sometimes freeze in the air if they fall a long way, they have a delayed freeze most of them to save on phys calculations. It’s not perfect but it works.

Some -possible- multiplayer issues still, I’m hoping I’ve flayed them out, but feedback appriciated.

Hope that all works out for you.


Currently working on picking/throwing fungus around, along with other things. Check the rest of the thread for details and updates.


Changelog :
-added TNT fungus, goes up in chunks instead of one at a time.
-added infesting fungus, after about a minute you’ll spew out loads of fungus and die.
-added fruit spitter. Okay so it throws oranges at you, just think of it as orange goo :stuck_out_tongue:
-added concommand for population, eg bfpop 200
-added concommand for allowing people to pick the fungus for a swep, eg bfthrow true
-added blastfungus swep, throw a fungus or set it off in your hand
-added global population counter and removed it from the detector
-reduced deadzone range, it was huge
-fixed poison fungus, it should only do 20 damage rather than killing you
-fixed 3rd person on zombie fungus
-fixed mass damage on eater fungus
-some other crap I’ve probably forgotten

-Several people have asked for farmable fungus, so it’s back in. Farmable fungus now heals 30 points, gives 25 points of shield and also cures infestation when detonated. Just walking through a patch will quickly heal you.
-fixed various errors, I think. Let me know. I’ve gotten all the major ones. Some triggers spam loads of errors and then make the fungus explode. I can’t figure these but they don’t cause crashes at least.
-Aqua fungus is now fixed, it should spread across water properly again.
-infester still makes invulnerable spores to start with, it’s something to do with colliding with your corpse, but they don’t spam errors anymore. These invulnerable spores will die off when their lifespan expires, which is not long.
-Tweaked the counter as suggested, it only shows up when there is one or more fungus on the map.


Most cool. You should make them wriggle around also.

Does it also stick to props?

Seems awesome! server is up soon, with this!

Maybe it’ll be rp_cscdesert_v2 or something :slight_smile: the well will be floated, oh yes

They don’t stick to props, just the world. I just infested dm_lockdown with it and I spent ages tracking them down and destroying them. It would make a hilarious rp with the infernal croaking squeaking like a swamp full of frogs.

I’d love to try a deathmatch in a confined space too. It’s easy enough to step on one even when you’re hunting them, imagine it in a combat situation :smiley:

Hay. My post was deleted!!

Oh well. I said I might try and make my own kind of spores.


Good job, Student.

You could probably boost the spore limit to something like 150 or higher, I had it crash somewhere beyond two hundred.

And hey, the effect could probably be quite easily edited. Like poison for example, though I won’t do that now.

Wiggling is currently out, as they fuse to whatever surface they spawn on.

I might try and make my spores from scratch. Meaning I have to learn SENTs.

Do you mind if I download and use your spores as a base, Student? I suck at SENTs. :frowning:

Go ahead mate, the Touch and OnTakeDamage functions are where the nasty explody stuff happens, the rest deals with spawning and lifespan. Just give me credit and I’m happy :v:

I probably won’t release, but you’ll get credits anyway.


If you put

ent_remove_all blastfungus

in the console all will be removed.

audio sounds like it’s a music video!

These are some pissed off weeds.

I changed my spore material to swamp_bubble. It looks pretty sic.


God, I love the self spreading stuff you make Student. :v:
Very addicting.

Why are they half invisible?


You might want to look at this idea I had-

That kind of thing is terribly difficult, because unless you have a very tight reign over npc behaviour then that society wouldn’t exist without coder interaction. Basically, if they’re low on manpower, how do the npcs know they need to breed?

If anything I generally try to create these things so that they’re self supporting. When you figure breeding only when there’s a male and female antlion present and close to eachother is too restricting and your population would die. I say this because all antlions care about is chasing opponents en masse in a ‘death or glory’ mindset.

EPIC :eek: This will be great on my server. It kind of looks like dynamic infestation they will be using in Natural Selection 2. I can’t wait for that game! :excited:

I did it! I finally managed to wipe them out! It took me half an hour and my unlimited ammunition crate, but I let them loose on cs_office. Eventually narrowed them down to one corridor, emptied it with a couple of smg grenades and picked them off with bullets to wash up. I can tell you, it makes you damn paranoid listening out for them after you think you got them.