InfeStation (Dead Space Survival Horror PvP)

Hello all!

I’m leading a Dev team to create a Space Station Survival Horror game mode for S&Box. Inspired by Prey and Dead Space games in which survivors will be fighting against Cronenburg/Necromorph type undead. (Some of which will be player controlled undead)

Survivors will spawn randomly around the ship and will need to gather resources (Guns, Ammo, Food, Armor, Medical gear) and complete a series of objectives to win the game. We have planned features to make the game mode unique and more akin to the before-mentioned games. Such as Kinematic Animations for NPCs, Limb Destruction, an Inventory System, and Oxygen Systems. There are more planned features that would take too long to list here, however.

There’s way more to write about but for now, we’re looking for capable programmers, modelers, and mappers to get the core gameplay loops, models, and levels. After that, we can build more key features to make the experience better.

Here are some concept arts to show off for now. Feel free to contact me on discord for further inquiries and information! Silta#0103


Terry monster looks kinda cute :point_right: :point_left:


Very nice drafts, Keen to see how this goes! Do you have access to s&box? :doughnut:

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Sounds like a more advanced version of Morbus, won’t lie.

I do yes!

I can see why. But we’re trying to go for a survival horror experience that’s a little more involved than Morbus. But Morbus is definitely a favorite of mine from Gmod

Hey everyone, we’re looking for experienced C# developers to join our team! Programming roles such as UI developer, weapon/item implementer, are open. Contact @Silta for more details.

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We’re working hard on our models and concept! We’ve even been working on our UI!

Here are some WIPs you guys can get a little tease of. If you have Sbox and are interested in helping us program in C# to get our mechanics working faster please feel free to contact me. Discord: Silta#0103

Right now we are in need of Programmers, Mappers, Animators, and Modelers in that order.

                                                 Infected models

                               Weapon WIPs with a Terry security guard

                             Health, Oxygen, and Armor UI in the works.

Again we are in need of C# Programmers to help increase our workflow! Modelers, Animators, and mappers are still welcome to apply.


The first infected model is sooo… creepy :cold_face:

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Yep! We want to go for a creepy version but stick close to the Terry Models since it’d be easier for animating and rigging purposes :slight_smile: Glad you find it disturbing though we still need to do some adjustments

The Security Guard Outfit is still being worked on but is nearly finished! All that’s left is to add some more detailing like scratches and dirty speckles onto the model.

Clothes in our game mode will not just be a cosmetic piece for players. Players will be able to scavenge the station for gear and equipment including a variety of clothes that offer stat advantages. For example, The Security Guard’s uniform will provide a bit more armor for players wearing it.

The Soon To Be worked on Mechanic’s uniform will provide players with extra oxygen in contaminated areas that have no oxygen or infected miasma.


Of course, we are still looking to expand our team so if you are interested in helping out please reach out here or contact me on discord @ Silta#0103.

We primarily need a mapper now. Secondly, C# programmers, and thirdly Animators who can animate in Blender or SFM.

Modelers, Mappers, Sound Designers, etc are still welcome to join the team.